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    NourishLab lets you build your personal nutitional blueprint for weight-loss, fitness, and health success. We offer expert guidance, real-world solutions, and unparalleled ease-of use on any device.
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    NourishLab lets personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, and health professionals communicate with existing and potential clients. Use NourishLab as an added service to create and send custom diet/nutritional plans to your clientele. Best of all, we''ll help guide you every step of the way.


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NourishLab Tools:

NourishLab Food Finder

The NourishLab Food Finder

Looking for foods that are high in magnesium, but low in fat? Looking for the best vegan/vegetarian sources of calcium? The NourishLab Food Food Finder can help you find foods that are high in particular nutrients, while low in others. You can even filter your search to include only vegan foods free of animal products.

NourishLab Data Pages

The NourishLab Data Pages

To understand the health and environmental challenges we face, we must first understand the food landscape around us. Using data from international and U.S. health agencies, The NourishLab Data Pages give a visual overview of the types and amounts of foods being consumed in the U.S. and around the world.

NourishLab Calorie Calculator

The NourishLab Calorie Calculator

Weight loss success often involves achieving a delicate caloric balance—too few calories, and we risk excessive hunger, too many, and the weight won't come off at all. The NourishLab Calorie Calculator offers three different formulas for easily calculating the caloric requirement that's right for you.

NourishLab Quick Food Search

The NourishLab Quick Food Search

Want to quickly find the nutritional content of various foods? The NourishLab Quick Food Search allows you to search for different foods without page redirects or reloads.

NourishLab Complete Food List

The NourishLab Complete Food List

The NourishLab Database currently contains the fully-updated USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference releases 26 through 28—containing over 9000 foods. For easy reference, all foods are listed in the The NourishLab Complete Food List.

NourishLab Fatty Acid Composition List

The NourishLab Fatty Acid Composition List

Looking to avoid saturated fats or boost your intake of omega-3s? The NourishLab Fatty Acid Composition List lets you sort various fats and oils on the basis of their fatty acid composition.

NourishLab Plugin

The NourishLab Plugin For Bloggers & Educators

Are you a dietician or health blogger who wants your readers to see the full nutritional breakdown of the healthy meal plans you create? Are your readers clamoring for the nutritional breakdown of your recipes? The NourishLab Plugin allows bloggers and educators to add fully interactive nutritional information for single foods, recipes, or meal plans.

The NourishLab Health Unit Converter

The NourishLab Health Unit Converter

Are you trying to compare your (or your clients') health biomarkers to those in the scientific literature? How do blood lipids or blood glucose values measured in mmol/L convert to mg/dL (or vice versa)? How do Calories convert to Joules? You can easily find out with The NourishLab Health Unit Converter.

NourishLab Educational Resources:

NourishLab For Education

NourishLab Articles

Nourishlab's research-backed articles can help you counter the seemingly endless barrage of confusing and conflicting nutritional advice in our culture. Nutritious whole foods can combat some of our society's most prominent health challenges, but when was the last time you saw an advertisement for broccoli, beans, or bananas? At NourishLab, we scour the scientific literature to bring you the facts about the health-promoting power of whole foods.

NourishLab Food Of The Day

The NourishLab Food Of The Day

Though advertisements for junk foods and pharmaceuticals abound in our daily lives, the world's healthiest foods never seem to get the attention they deserve. The NourishLab Food Of The Day aims to change that. Featured are simple, economical whole foods along with a brief overview of the powerful health benefits they provide. NourishLab Food Of The Day images are perfect for saving or sharing on social media.

NourishLab Food And Nutrient Research

NourishLab Food & Nutrient Research

The scientific literature is teeming with research on the health benefits of simple, inexpensive whole foods—but most of this research goes ignored by the general public. The NourishLab Food And Nutrient Research pages give comprehensive overviews of the health benefits associated with some of the world's healthiest foods.